Saturday, August 25, 2012

Remediation Course Needed

Rochas Okorocha Governor of Imo state Nigeria is at it again with his laughable leadership. Unfortunately, his leadership decisions continue to do harm to the people of Imo state Nigeria. In his latest action, he instated a law "Okorocha made the proclamation - has announced a compulsory acquisition of a credit pass in Igbo Language as among the quantifications for prospective candidates seeking admission into higher institutions in the state ", that all students living in Imo state must be fluent in Igbo prior to graduating high school. While an overarching question here would be "Why is this an essential law?" that is not what I will focus on. My question today is does Governor Rochas Okorocha need a remediation course in the structures of government?

This law should technically go through the legislative channels. This is not a law that can be simply instituted by the Governor. Rochas Okorocha 's actions are in violation of the governmental process and structure. The most surprising piece about this action is that Governor Rochas Okorocha actually has a Public Administration degree from University of Jos. Hmmm perhaps his alma mater has a different set of public administration courses they teach their students. It is a frightening day when the Governor chooses to violate the governmental process. If Rochas Okorocha has an utter disregard for following the law of the land, how do we expect the citizens of Imo state Nigeria to do so?

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