Saturday, August 11, 2012


Very puzzled by Romney's choice of Paul Ryan. Who is Romney trying to appeal to? I suspect given Ryan's political leanings...Romney is trying to appeal to the base. My confusion lies in that it is highly unlikely that the base would vote for Obama anyway. So...instead of teaming with a running mate that would capture the Republicans that would possibly vote for Obama...Romney chooses someone that in fact captures the people he already  has in his camp anyway.

If Romney/Ryan are elected (which is a far cry) we can look forward to:
- reducing taxes...for the wealthiest of Americans
- more attention to women's rights...banning of birth control
-more accountability with government spending...cutting the programs that benefit those most in need
Wow...what an attractive ticket these two make!

Great move Mitt. Well I do owe Romney a thank you for handing Obama his second term with today's decision. At least now we don't have to worry about Obama facing competition

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