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I am a political scientist by training but at heart I am a change maker with an insatiable drive to correct the injustices that plague Nigeria.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recipe for Succeeding as a Chronic Liar

Step 1: Believe anything that you read.
Step 2: Take things way out of context to twist the meaning.
Step 3: Say anything to appeal to the base.
Step 4: Instill an irrational sense of fear into voters.
Step 5: Intentionally mislead people to achieve votes.
Step 6: Never own your mistakes.
Step 7: Slant the truth as much as possible.
Step 8: Leave your integrity behind.
Step 9: Become a Republican
Step 10: Change your name to Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One hell of a birthday party!

Today I had an epiphany…as you know I continue to challenge decisions that are made by leadership in Nigeria. I also question why the leaders have the followership that they do.

Well today’s epiphany is about the coercion that occurs among Nigerians at a very young age. Rochas Okorocha governor of Imo state, declared a state holiday to celebrate his birthday. Among many idiotic declarations, he ordered all schools, all markets and Imo state civil services to be closed down to attend a celebration recognizing his birthday.
This is ridiculous, however, as I explained at the outset, I see why Nigerians don’t stand up to their leaders and in many cases promote this foolishness. I am troubled that the education of children is seen as a second-rate priority when compared to the governor’s birthday. Can the students afford to have an entire day of learning compromised to partake in this pompous and self-serving act? I don’t appreciate Rochas Okorocha celebrating his birthday and mandating his own recognition on the backs of Imo state children. What kind of sick priorities does Rochas Okorocha subscribe to?