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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally a Reason to Celebrate...Goodluck Jonathan Now Accepts Paypal

Finally a Reason to Celebrate...Goodluck Jonathan Now Accepts Paypal

Congratulations Goodluck Jonathan you’ve moved into the digital age. How convenient that we can now send our money to you over the internet. While I believe that this is a good idea in theory...Goodluck Jonathan you’re missing some key components.
Are there any safeguards in place? How am I assured that my donation will actually be used to fund legitimate campaign expenditures? How will I be assured that my credit card number will be used for the purpose I intended it for? How will I be assured that my credit card will be charged for the appropriate amount?
Where are the checks and balances Goodluck Jonathan? While I applaud you for advancing money collection for your campaign into the digital age...I can only hope that your newfound enthusiasm for embracing current and future trends will launch you into seeking a higher level of justice in the Nigerian political system.
By the way Goodluck may want to contact failed GOP Republican Senatorial Candidate (Delaware) Christine O’Donnell if you have any questions regarding appropriate campaign expenditures.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Separation of Church and State...Goodluck Jonathan Thinks it's Highly Overrated

The Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was using his time, energy, and astute political mind to visit Redeem Christian Church of God Crusade Camp ground in Lagos Nigeria, in order to receive a Christian Divine endorsement and holy ghost blessing.

Where to even begin on this one...Should the President be seeking the endorsement of Christian churches? Has he been to Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, 7th Day Adventist establishments, the Ajala Eziudo Shrine etc. Is this truly the best forum for his campaigning? After all is he not showing preference to Christians? He seems to be showing favoritism to a small portion of Nigerians.

To me this strategy is about alienating and dividing rather than uniting and conquering. What is Goodluck Jonathan's political standpoint? Frankly speaking with all of the corruption in Nigeria the least of our concerns is his religious affiliation.  By the way...whatever happened to separation of church and state?

Goodluck Jonathan...have you thought of having a townhall meeting, participating in a debate, or making media appearances to get your messages across. We need to know where you stand. You are currently living in the shadow of former President Abubakar Yar adua, who you succeeded due to his death while in office. What are your viewpoints, what are your passions, what are your priorities? I implore you Goodluck Jonathan if you are to be successful as the next Nigerian is the time to get your messages across loud and clear to the people you hope to serve.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ref:Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan Donate $200 Million Dollars of Federal Fund to the Entertainment Fund / GEJ ABLE TO LEAD?

Ref: Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan Donate $200 Million Dollars  of Federal Fund to the Entertainment Fund / GEJ ABLE TO LEAD?

There are several components within this video excerpt that I believe warrants further discussion or dare I say scrutiny. First off, I find it interesting that the top assistant to the president will take the time and the energy to sit down with this individual who is not with a registered news organization and is for all intensive purposes working on a documentary.
One area of focus was the subsidy that was provided by the Nigerian government to the entertainment industry. While the assistant to the president make it out to be a much more complicated matter, it is simply a donation to the entertainment industry. While I believe that in many instances the government should provide subsidies to various organizations, I find the entertainment industry to be an interesting choice. How is the entertainment industry going to help those that are destitute? How is the entertainment industry going to provide food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, education for the children?
Is the president trying to curry favor with the entertainment industry? Does he personally benefit by giving subsidies to the entertainment industry? This type of irrational decision making is exactly why Nigeria will continue to stay a place of corruption and injustice. Revolutionary change will not occur until the president and his/her cabinet are able to make decisions and advocate on behalf of the entire nation, not advocate to better a small sector.