Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leading by Example

One of the things that I find very interesting is the attitude of “devout” Christians. I find in too many situations people try to use God in inappropriate ways. What I am talking about is the folks that are in the “front” seat of church every Sunday but yet embody behaviors during the week that aren’t exactly “front” seat worthy.

Bishop Ted Haggard former USA Republican religious adviser to President Bush lost his mega church after admitting to a relationship with a male prostitute while married.

I find that sometimes when people are put into difficult situations they will “pull” the religious card but yet do not embody at all that same principle in their own behavior. I see people posting religious quotes and Biblical passages on a frequent basis on social media networks. Yet some of those same people are not living the lifestyle in which they want others to perceive they are.

There is a trend among pastors and other clergy to have extramarital affairs or inappropriate sexual rendezvous that are definitely not in line with the faith they are preaching. I also see people criticizing others for behaviors such as having children out of wedlock or divorce yet they themselves got married and had a baby 3 or 4 months later.

Bishop Eddie Long settled out of court several allegations of sexual misconduct with young men in his mission at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church while also married.

I am definitely not here to impose a moral compass or to state that I lead a perfectly Christian life, I am here to say however, that one needs to judge their own actions and behaviors before casting judgment upon others. I find those that don’t profess a certain religious practice to oftentimes be just as if not more honest than those that preach of a certain lifestyle yet do not embody it. Let’s stop the hypocritical, judging behavior and encourage each of us to lead a lifestyle that is genuine and authentic according to one’s own moral compass.

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