Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cut Government Spending USA Presidential Election Rhetoric 2012

During this campaign season we seem to be hearing a lot of phrases such as "Cut government spending." Okay well that may be a catchy campaign phrase, I haven't really heard the candidates articulate what that would look like. So my question is...where are we going to cut?
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Let's first talk about Medicare and social security which is where we hear that cuts need to come. So what would this look like? Having the senior citizens of our country without health insurance. Think of the thousands of dollars a month of medical and pharmaceutical bills that our seniors would have to pay for. Worse yet, many would have to go without medical care due to finances. Without social security many of our seniors would be without housing. Would this make us proud as a nation to have our seniors living on the streets?

Cuts to welfare is another area. While I understand that like every other system there are some individuals who are taking advantage of welfare. With that being said, let's look at what cuts to welfare would bring us, we would see an influx of individuals going to shelters which would not be able to handle the capacity. We would see many individuals who rely on welfare as a tool to sustain their family without the ability to provide food or housing. This would again result in countless individuals and families out on the streets.

Cuts in are we looking to have 40 kiddos in a kindergarten class? We will see our students educated in facilities that are below standard? Will we see slashes in educator pay which will result in subpar candidates entering the field which will cause us to slip further and further behind in the global marketplace?

Cuts to our infrastructure. Do we want to see our roadways and bridges not maintained in a quality manner. This would result in unsafe and hazardous conditions for millions of Americans. Do we ever want to see the horrific bridge collapse that occurred in Minnesota in 2007 repeated?

Well I could go on and on and on about government funded get the picture. My call to the candidates is to put some muster behind your words. If you want to cut government spending, tell us where. Just a word of caution...every cut is associated with a face.

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