Monday, May 1, 2017

Serving Others Through Knights of Columbus

I was fortunate to be born into the Catholic faith. I was dedicated and baptized at Church of Assumption Falomo Ikoyi in Lagos. My cousin Prince John Olusola Nwoko and I were blessed to share the same God Parents. I have been able to continue my growth in and love for the teachings of God and continue to deepen my faith journey.

As a sojourner in a foreign land I have continued to seek and to follow God. I have learned the act of giving and offering service to those that are less fortunate. Being a Knight of Columbus has helped me to expand on my service and advocacy for those that are less fortunate.

The Knights of Columbus held our annual fundraiser to raise money for individuals with disabilities. I was honored to participate in this activity today at Walmart North in Rochester, MN.

"Generosity is doing something for someone else and doing nothing in return." -Simon Sinek

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