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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vote No in Minnesota


So today I am bit disappointed in myself. I was on my Facebook page and saw a picture of Amy Klobuchar supporting the Vote No movement. In November Minnesotans are faced with a voter amendment regarding same-sex marriage. If the amendment passes, the Minnesota Constitution will be amended to define marriage as strictly a union between a man and a woman. I am a huge supporter of Amy Klobuchar and I will definitely be voting “No” in November. I do not believe that it is the government’s business to define for individuals who it is and is not okay to love.
As I stated earlier, I was disappointed in myself. Why you may ask…I was disappointed because I thought twice about “liking” Amy Klobuchar’s photo showing that she will vote “No.” I was worried that I might start an unwanted debate on my Blog, Google, Twitter and Facebook pages regarding my stance. After thinking about it further I “snapped” back into my determination of ensuring equity and equality for all and proudly “liked’ Amy’s picture.
As a straight individual it would be easy for me to “duck and cover,” regarding this issue. It is essential, however, that people like me stand beside our gay relatives, friends, and colleagues to ensure that they are given the same right to love who they choose. It is simply not right to for us to sit back and let the government decide matters that are of a personal affair.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crisis in Libya


Today I write to you with a very heavy heart. I am very, very concerned about the recent developments in Libya. It is extremely worrisome to me the level of violence the Islamic fanatics have utilized in carrying this attack. While the attacks were not justified in any sense, I am deeply struck by the fact that the Ambassador was assassinated. Why would the ambassador need to be killed? What threat was he posing?

I am also worried at the level of planning this attack took. Clearly the attack was staged for 9/11. The other attacks that were orchestrated yesterday are clearly not coincidental. I am afraid that these fanatics won't stop and will continue to commit these acts of terror instilling fear among our global society. These Islamic fanatics further perpetuate the stereotype that Islamics are terrorists. As we know this statement is not representative of an entire group.

On another note...Romney...really how low will you stoop? You now twist this tragedy into a campaign strategy to attack Obama. Romney, raise the level of discourse. Your comments are insensitive and frankly in very bad taste.

My thoughts and prayers to those individuals and families impacted by these attacks.