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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nigeria presidential debate an act of political Kangaroo

Nigeria presidential debate an act of political Kangaroo

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan debate alone

Hmmm...there are so many different directions in which to go with this fun little ditty regarding Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan and his approach to Nigeria presidential debates. My working definition of a Presidential Debate is that all candiates participate in discussing their viewpoints with respect to current issues that are of concern to voters. Clearly Goodluck Jonathan's definition is different. His definition is going to the debate of his choice in which no one else attends and then grandstand acting as if he is the be all and end of all of presidential candidates for Nigeria. I have to give Goodluck Jonathan credit (those of you that are regular readers of mine blog know that this is few and far between), he was able to manifest one of the most unique excuses of why to not attend the debate.

I believe Jonathon's refusal to attend the debate was not about the media network carrier, and was more about his lack of confidence in himself. Perhaps Jonathan you are not able to articulate your views for Nigeria, perhaps you are not sure of the direction the country is headed, perhaps you're not sure of your ability to lead the country. Perhaps Jonathan you shouldn't be the president.