Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chronic Abuse, Torture, and Neglect of the Innocent...Courtesy of the Nigerian Government

Chronic Abuse, Torture, and Neglect of the Innocent...Courtesy of the Nigerian Government
Ref: BBC News - Nigerian freed after 15 years awaiting trial

Effiong Elemi-Edu giving interview about his 15 years incarceration

While this story sickens me on a very deep level, the true tragedy is that this is one of countless examples of this type of injustice. Who is responsible for this travesty. Let's start from the beginning. Was this man (or the numerous other individuals arrested with him) allowed the right to speak with an attorney? Was the on-going interegation (which was designed to be physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive) taped? How can the individuals who are responsible for delivering the abuse be allowed to do so? How can those law enforcement officials stand by and watch this occur? Where are the checks and balances in the justice system that uphold the right of individuals to an expedited trial?

This man was humiliated in prison for 15 years. Where is the accountability? Has there been an internal investigaion into who the individuals are that are responsible for this? How are the individuals who assumed that he was guilty without conducting a proper investigation being held accountable? How are we assured that there are no other individuals who are literally rotting in prison while being subjected to grotesque levels of abuse.

This is an outrage! Where is Goodluck Jonathan's comment on this situation? Has he met with and apologized to this individual? What has Goodluck Jonathan done to ensure this never happens again? Why isn't there public outrage over this case? This type of damage will only continue to permeate the Nigerian society unless individuals stand up for what they believe in rather than turning their cheek. While today it may not be someone you know, tomorrow it could be your mother, your brother, your daughter, or even you!


  1. How are people left in Nigeria prison like this man. This clearly expose the amount of corruption in Nigeria Police and judiciary. If this victim was a rich man or from a rich family will he spend this such time in jail for what he didn't do? I hope the world is watching.

  2. It's a sad situation that this kind of injustice wouldn't get resolve anytime soon because the system is totally corrupt. Nigeria is one of the few countries where a police and the military chief and his personals can keep someone in jail for so long, and nothing can be done about it. What now happen is the poor can't pay the bribe, so he get undeserved and unsentenced jail time, in the hands of corrupt bully police, law enforcement.