Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinner on backs of tax payers

The Director General of Nigeria Security and Exchange Commission, Arunma Oteh

First off I would like to say that I want to know what this government official was eating for #850,000 naira (equivalent of $5391.6907 US dollars) per day. Can we say champagne taste when she is supposed to be on a beer budget. I am curious as to why this official feels that it is okay for her to spend this type of money. As a government official shouldn't she be modeling fiscally responsible behavior?

Let's talk about the checks and balances. First off why was this allowed? Secondly what is the government going to do about this? Is she going to have to pay the money back? Will she lose her job? It pains me to think of all of the ways in which this money could have been spent to ensure that Nigerians receive the goods and services they are entitled to.

There seems to be a feeling of entitlement among some Nigerian officials. Why do they feel they need to live "high on the hog." It seems as though she feels she is better than the people she serves. It seems to me that those that have the most impact in bringing about change and in being leaders in their positions have a servant mentality. She should be prudent in the usage of the government funds she is responsible for managing. If she spends $5391.6907 on food for herself, how can we have any trust that she is being a good fiscal agent in managing any of the budgets which she oversees?

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  1. My fellow brother, what could a man tied with strong rope (both hand and legs) do when the strong man slap him?

    we are in trouble in this country where there is no mercy and no compassion on the citizen , where our rights are crushed and we can ask .... you cant just beat them!!!!! cant you see? a place you cant ask 4 your right?

    how many pple have they ever sentence to jail because of corruption in this country (aside bode George.. and we know who did that on purpose).
    a land filled with intellectuals but what are they using their intellect to do STEAL, CHEAT ... am tired .. you work and suffer and somebody stayed somewhere diverting our pension that we contributed ... No fear of God among our leaders, they pride their selves in killing the innocent to their family reach, they push poor pple to stealing ( when life become frustrating!!)
    they gain knowledge abroad and what did they do with the it establish a company and use us and dump us to die of hunger and starvation.
    they open the road to the foreigners to come in and cheat us in the pretence of investing
    what a shame....shame to the leaders shame to house and shame to the reps........may they never hmmmmmm okay I reserve it