Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who's role is it anyway

Babatunde Fashola Governor of Lagos state Nigeria caused so much traffic back up while trying to arrest traffic offenders.

This picture illustrates a ludicrous act demonstrated by the "esteemed" Governor of Lagos state Nigeria Babatunde Fashola.  In Nigeria some drivers choose to disobey the traffic lanes that are clearly designated for buses (BRT lanes in Lagos) and other commercial vehicles. Babatunde Fashola, in his ever infinite wisdom, decided to take the law into his own hands and pull over some military officials for misusing the (BRT) commercial vehicle lane. While I am not supporting the misuse of the lane, is this really the role of the Governor of Lagos state?

I am concerned that Governor Babatunde Fashola feels that he is now in charge of enforcing the traffic laws. I ask this the best use of the Governor's time and power? I am concerned that this is how the Governor chooses to spend his time. Of equal concern is the fact that the Governor feels this is his role. Why is he not out meeting with his constituents, why is he not meeting with lawmakers, or better yet why is he not advocating for the critical changes that need to be made in Lagos state?

I am going to take a bold step today and call out those who have supported this action. I was frankly shocked to see the level of support that Governor Babatunde Fashola has received regarding this action. I ask those of you supporting his action to truly analyze what you believe to be the role of the Lagos state Governor. Nothing will change if Nigerians continue to have such a narrow scope of expectations. It is time to vision change and evolution. It is essential that to champion change the public hold their leaders accountable for advocating for and actualizing change. At the risk of stating the obvious...I don't believe that enforcing traffic laws necessitates revolutionary change and evolution.

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