Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goodluck Jonathan... The law breaker

I am truly at a loss for words with respect to this response - “Asset Declaration is voluntary, I don’t give a damn what any one feel about it" Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan. The asset declaration is a policy tool adopted by the Nigerian people to ensure that public corruption doesn't occur. Apparently, President Goodluck Jonathan doesn't give a damn about protecting, defending and most importantly following the constitutionality of the Nigerian government.

                                Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan being sworn into office

What is wrong with him? A law is a law is a law. If he doesn't like the law then work to change it. It is not okay to simply ignore a law or worse yet openly defy it. What type of role model are you Goodluck Jonathan? You have lost all credibility (not sure how much you still had left). You might as well have opened the gates to greed, crime and corruption in Nigeria. If you choose not to follow the do you expect anyone else to? Oh that's right you operate under the premise of "Do as I say not as I do." A true leader with outstanding credibility.

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