Sunday, November 6, 2011

Religious Rhetoric Masking Hypocritical Mindset

I am not understanding why governmental leaders and national assembly leaders feel it is within their jurisdiction to outlaw gay couples or any gay activities in Nigeria. The first issue is why is this a governmental affair, the second issue is what constitutes gay activity.
                                        David Mark Nigeria Senate president comment on the gay ban: “Homosexuality is offensive to our culture and tradition”; “It is incomprehensible to contemplate”; “I cannot understand it”; “My faith as a Christian abhors it”; “We cannot allow our tradition and value system eroded”; “It is offensive”; “It is repugnant”; “I do not think any religion supports this”.
On the first front, I am feeling that this is a bit hypocritical. These same governmental leaders that site Christian beliefs or say they are taking the higher moral ground are oftentimes married to at least one wife but also practice polygamy. How is this in line with high moral standards. Worse yet, these same political leaders may have multiple mistresses.

                                              David Mark as a Nigeria military officer with coup d'etat inclination. David Mark participated and benefited from military coup d'etat in Nigeria and should be in jail serving for conspiracy against the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But instead he is Nigeria senate president. Does christian religion permit coup d'etat against ones own country?

On the issue of not allowing any gay behaviors, this is a slippery slope. Who is defining gay behavior? How is this regulated? How is it enforced? Can Nigerians simply call law enforcement officials to state that they saw gay behavior or a homosexual? Is gay behavior as simply as two men hugging? Hmmm where do we draw the line?
In a country filled with corruption and violence, I find it hard to believe that this is the biggest issue that needs to be pursued by law enforcement and government officials.

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