Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Corrupt Leader and his cronies

Former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu will never cease to amuse me with his uncivilised character, this man obviously thinks because he came along with three seating ACN governors to the court makes him above the law. He thinks he's too much of himself. There was empty chair in the dock which he vehemently refused when the judge instructed him. Honestly, opposition or no opposition, this man... should be made to feel the full wrath of the law. PDP corrupt ex officials never disobeyed court orders in past. Hello! Lagosians are so gullible with their Bola foolishness. I sincerely want to know why any sane person would want to have three accounts with different names in the same bank and he does same in multiple banks. I heard he studied in Toronto, how many accounts was he having before he left Toronto, what work was he doing as a student. We are indeed dealing with a crook. If I may ask, is it not contempt of law to refuse to enter the dock and sit? Frankly speaking, most judiciary in civilised country would have him charged but in Nigeria, anything is possible, sacred cows everywhere, so my question remains, if the judge can not call an accused to obey court protocols, what is the possibility that such a spineless judge can convict Tinubu. Phoney politicians, mediocre judiciary. Late Gani will be turning in his grave now when he hears how Tinubu used his Shakara to disobey the court. I use to know the law is no respecter of persons, not in this case! All na Shakara! Who no go no know. Thief na thief. He's nothing but a common thief and code of conduct bureau should please bear its fangs for once. Failura to do so will be setting a very bad precedent. Besides, unscrupulous lawyers are major part of the headache in Nigeria and they contribute largely to the culture of impunity more than any class of charlatans relegating the country into lawlessness
Written by: Kester Raymond Okodede

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