Thursday, April 10, 2014

Child Bride kills her husband in order to end her marriage

Ref: Child bride forced to marry poisons groom

This is an extremely tragic story. This is a perfect illustration of a true injustice. While I am in no way defending this young lady’s choice to commit murder, this is one outcome of forced child marriage. She is a child forced into an adult situation against her will. She was subject to a life of rape and most likely emotional and physical abuse. Let this case be the catalyst that brings about prosecution against those that engage in child marriage. The laws regarding this need to be strictly enforced and those that break the law need to face the consequences. Not only should those engaging in child marriage be prosecuted, but the parents of the child bride need to also be held responsible for allowing this to occur.

Nujood Ali a Yemeni 10 year old was in forced marriage.

Having laws on the books means nothing if they are not enforced. The only way this will change is for people to rise up against this action. They must beat down the doors of their lawmakers and let them know that this is unacceptable and that those that engage in this activity must be held accountable. This tragedy could have been avoided. This girl was forced into this situation against her will. She does not have the ability to process how to deal with this situation in an effective manner. She was placed into an awful situation with no exit strategy, plan or assistance. Shame on her family for subjecting her to this horrific situation and frankly shame on all of us for not taking a stand. 
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