Monday, February 3, 2014

Is it about status or service?

This photo is very concerning. It is very interesting to me how David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark home is clearly exquisite. A former retired Nigeria army general, David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark is today, the Senate President/Leader in Nigeria, it is concerning to me that he would feel comfortable with living in a home like that (complete with a helicopter) that is next to a police station that is clearly run down and not fit for human habitation.

It is troubling to me that as the Senate president/leader he would not work to bring about better public buildings and public places such as roads and facilities. It is equally troubling to me that he is so eager to flaunt his wealth and affluence. As a public servant he should be working to serve the people who elected him. He should be working to be among those that are unable to advocate for themselves.

It is interesting to me how when there are tragedies and natural disasters politicians in the US and other countries are quick to respond. They demand justice and help for those impacted by the disaster or tragedy. In Nigeria it seems as though public officials are nowhere around. It seems to me that they are all about the status of their positions and not about the service to others. They were elected to ensure the government serves the people. They were not elected to show off their status and privilege. 
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