Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sahara Reporters Hoodwink Journalism

My usual early morning read of West Coast African news online captured the below article by Sahara Reporters: “How Aviation Minister Stella Oduah Forced Cash-Strapped Aviation Agency To Spend $1.6 Million On Two BMW Armored Cars For Her”. And linked as follows

Analyzing the article:

While I think I can understand the point this author is trying to make, I simply have to point out the level of stupidity within this article. It is not even reasonable that two BMW’s would cost $1.6 million even if they were armored. A 2014 BMW sedan of this make and model would typically cost between $74,000 and $141,000. I find it hard to believe if not impossible for the “armoring” of the car to cost $1.32 million using $141,000 figure price for 2014 BMW 760Li series models.

It is pretty clear here that the author is trying to point out the misuse of government dollars. It is disturbing, however, that he would go to the lengths he did. This article is clearly a lie. As an author integrity is everything. It is clear that this author has no integrity. He has ruined his image and can not be trusted to report events and happenings in a reliable manner. It is very disappointing that an author would make up such extreme lies to portray such a waste of government spending. I believe that lies are not needed to expose the wasteful government spending. A little bit of research will expose an enormous amount of wasteful spending.

Integrity is everything, once you author an article like this, you will never have it back.

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