Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jude Agbaso... Pocket Padder

English: Map locator of Nigeria.
English: Map locator of Nigeria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Deputy Governor of Imo state Nigeria, Jude Agbaso has crossed our radar for almost two weeks. One of the duties of Jude Agbaso is serving as Commissioner of Works. In his position Jude Agbaeso is responsible for awarding contracts for government work. It seems as though Jude Agbeso is using his governmental authority to pad his own pocket. This is very disturbing. Jude Agbaso solicits and accepts kickbacks from companies to ensure that they are the ones who are awarded the contracts. This action is despicable. What is even more outrageous is that his actions are well known. By the way Jude Agbaso has an outstanding felony warrant in the US for fraud. He fled before he was able to be apprehended.

The system of awarding contracts needs a serious overhaul. It is essential that the decision to award a contract is based on the best value for the government versus the largest kickback that the government official can obtain. The system for obtaining contracts should follow a process similar to the one outlined below.

Jude Agbaso Deputy Governor Imo State Nigeria
1.      The scope of the project should be advertised

2.      Companies can submit proposals for fulfilling the project

3.      The company names will be removed

4.      A panel of individuals (with various experiences) will review all of the bids

5.      The panel will chose the proposal which best meets the needs of the work being proposed

This process ensures that multiple perspectives are used when choosing the company to provide the work. This process also ensures that a company is chosen based on quality versus their connections or other ties they may have.

I implore Governor Rochas Okorocha to take two actions immediately.

1.                  Stop defending Jude Agbaso’s actions

2.                  Fully cooperate with the investigation and provide all information as requested by the review panel

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