Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nigeria Govt. unable to win a fight against terrorism

Ref:Abducted German engineer 'killed in Nigeria'
Edgar Fritz Raupach was kidnapped and killed by the Nigeria Islamic terror group Boko Haram with ties to Al Qaeda, today in the city of Kano Northern Nigeria

To say these situations are disturbing is clearly an understatement. I am alarmed by many facets of this situation. First off, why have three international workers been killed with no resolve? How many more individuals will need to be killed before this problem can be rendered? I am equally alarmed at the lack of coverage and publicity regarding this situation world wide. Has it become so commonplace for individuals to get kidnapped and killed by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, in Nigeria that it doesn't seem to generate much attention. We should be incensed by this. When the three Americans were kidnapped and held in captivity in Iran they received (and rightfully so) media coverage and frankly there was clear outrage. I worry that with the lack of attention to these killings, we are passively saying to the murderers that this behavior is allowed. We have to rise up and send the message that this behavior is not allowed and that the people responsible will be held accountable. This is a prime example of how the bullies and intimidators reek hell upon Nigeria. Until these actions are swiftly addressed each and every time they occur, Nigerians will live in a state of fear. The nation will be ruled by kidnappers and murderers.

A British Christopher McManus and Italian Franco Lamolinara national killed by the Nigeria Islamic terror group Boko Haram with ties to Al Qaeda during rescue operation   

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