Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nigeria EFCC Misuse of Image

Picture from The Guardian Nigeria:

Today I am absolutely flabbergasted by this situation. Here is the real version...Emeka Ugwuonye resides in Rockville, MD. USA. On a recent trip to his native homeland Nigeria he was arrested and held for about nine months by the Nigerian governmental anti graft agency EFCC. The ironic piece is that Emeka Ugwuonye was granted bail in court which the EFCC overturned. During the 9 months he was incarcerated he was denied a simple hearing in front of a judge, and when it was made possible for Emeka to be in front of a judge, the EFCC tried everything to sabotage his trial. If it wasn't for a change in administration in the EFCC management hierarchy Emeka would still be incarcerated.
How is this justice. The most disturbing piece of this, is that despite Emeka facing trial, his face is being used to advertise the Nigerian EFCC agency. Which by the way is funded through Germany, UK, USA, France, Holland, and Nigeria. A quality use of fiscal resources in times of international financial distress...would you agree? I am sure if you asked Emeka Ugwuonye he would state that he feels justice has been served...I know I would in his situation...I hope you can sense my tone of sarcasm. Talk about innocent until proven guilty....frightening isn't it?

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