Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Culture of Fear...


 • The police routinely brutalize people on the flimsiest of excuses. PHOTO: OLATUNJI OBASA - PMNews Lagos Title page - Amnesty Slams Nigeria For Rights Abuse May 26/2010

A Culture of Fear...

This photos depicts Nigeria police officers in a position of power humiliating and ridiculing citizens of Nigeria. As you can see, the citizens are complying with the directives given by the police officers, one is being forced to leap like a frog. I ask you, what type of action justifies this consequence? Why are these police officers allowed to humiliate these individuals. I truly believe that individuals that violate the law need to receive consequences, but how is leap frogging a justifiable consequence? The citizen is forced to comply with the officer's directives because of the culture of fear that currently exists in Nigeria. If this individual were to question the officer or worse yet, not comply, God only knows what would happen.

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