Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aspiring for a higher accountability

One of the philosophies that continued to mystify me about the Nigerian government is the mismatch of priorities. Public officials seem to be overly concerned about the status their position affords them and seem to be significantly under concerned about the happenings within the society in which they govern.

In a country with high poverty, incomparable levels of corruption, and significantly low educational levels, why are they so concerned with being addressed as honorable. It seems to be the Nigerian officials are consumed with using their positions to better themselves and their families rather than improving the lives of the people they serve.

Nigeria continues to lose out on opportunities to to be competitive within the global marketplace. It is time for our public officials to make decisions based on the best interests of all of the individuals they serve. They need to stop using their positions to better themselves. They need to stop the corruption and be advocates for those that can not advocate for themselves. If the current Nigerian political regime is unable or worse yet unwilling to do so, let's get the right people in office to truly bring about a better Nigeria for all.

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