Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Nigerian Liberator

The Nigerian Liberator
A visionary blog for individuals passionate about moving Nigeria forward.
The political landscape of Nigeria in the past can be characterized as governance structures that are put in place and enforced by educated criminals and opportunists who methodically defraud the Nigerian people of their public funds for personal gains. Unfortunately this is not only past practice but it is sadly the current political landscape of  Nigeria.
This blog is dedicated to socio-political entries that will showcase ideas and views of a new and better Nigeria. I dream of a country that has zero tolerance for corruption and crime. A country that is offers promise, hope and aspiration to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or status. A country that is secure and safe. A country where the few with bully mentality and the financial means to promote corruption, violence and greed are stomped down and made powerless. A country where the military or civilian coup plotters do not manipulate the administration to make decisions that are not for the good of all Nigerians. A country where people can profess their religious beliefs without being ridiculed, persecuted or tortured. A country where the police and security forces are acting for the good of the people and promoting peace, safety and security for all.
I welcome you to this blog. I am eagerly awaiting a high level of discourse, conversation, and action planning on how we can liberate Nigeria and set her free from greed and corruption. Please join me in moving Nigeria to the forefront of the world!


  1. Chiedu Felix,

    I find your blog to be intriguing. Your motives are to be commended. While you have a lot of work ahead, I believe that you have the will and ambition to make your dream a reality. I eagerly await further discussion regarding the liberation of Nigeria!

  2. The Nigerian Liberator serves to be a forum for truth telling, fact finding, and standing up to the evils of corrupt Nigerian public/private officials. You are the key to the liberation of Nigeria. We need the decent, truthful and powerful Nigerians/none Nigerians to catupult our country into a position of high esteem and regard from the international perspective.